Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Cabin Fever

Super Peppadew
So as most of you know the blight visited the garden in a big way last season. I've put it behind me and I'm planning for this season. Big plans for this year! So let's discuss!

One of the things
 I'm excited about this year is the Super Peppadew. My friend in Wales that I like to call the Pepper King had one of his Peppadew plants produce extra large size fruits. You can see in the photo the difference between the normal PPD and the Super PPD.  Let's all cross our fingers that the seeds produce the same results here.

Also on the list for this season are La Vie en Rose and Moonshiner's Ball. These are the two sister crosses that came out of my garden several years ago. This will be the last growing season before the seeds are released. I'm soooo proud of these two tomatoes. Not only gorgeous but delicious!! Look for the seeds in the Fall of 2015. (the blight delayed the release in 2014). 
Moonshiner's Ball
Also coming to the garden this season are two very rare Basque beans that took me months to locate and get over here to the U.S. I'll mention more about the varieties closer to planting time. Foodies and chefs will be very excited about these and bean collectors as well. Took a lot of work on these two. Also adding to the list of hard to locate items are some new Basque peppers and a new Italian frying pepper. Hopefully we'll have a much better growing season and all these things will be available at the end of the season.

La Vie en Rose
I'm still working on my grow list. It's evolving daily as I add and delete almost hourly. I'm expanding the garden yet again this year. I think I'm getting too old for this. Thank God for the growers I have out there that help me out. Speaking of that, I can still use 2 more so anyone that might be interested can email me at: Terry@Secretseedcartel.com
I've got some new Blues on my list although I still look at them as curiosities more than eating tomatoes. A lot of people want them so I'm going with the flow. Are there any blues out there that any of you consider actually flavorful? Just curious.
I did finally get my hands on the West Virginia Penitentiary tomato from SSE. It's been freed!! I'm so excited about this one. I know there's a lot of breeding of new tomatoes going on but I'm still most passionate about endangered and the old old heirlooms. This one is quite rare and is one of the old prison tomatoes grown by inmates when they had prison farms that grew their own food and also sold some of their produce to locals. It's interesting reading if you google the Prison Farm systems back in the day.
So I try and leave you with something to think about and today it's just cabin fever. Saying spring is around the corner is lame so I won't say it. Get under your electric blanket with your coffee or tea, start or work on your grow list and remember, winter can't last forever and until spring at least there's