Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today in the garden

Just a reminder to any growers that want to compete in their county fairs. Now is the time to be checking their websites for applications. Good Luck.

North Carolina Cut Short Greasy Bean seedling (left)

My black Chick pea seedlings(right)

Here's a pic of the oddest things I have ever seen in my garden. It's a sunflower coming up and it's cotyldons are pure white. I have never seen that before. You can see two more under it, one is maroon and one is green. That is normal. It seems like a freak of nature but I'm not sure. Has anyone else seen this or can you give me some info... You can email me.

And some of the roses. L-R: Chicago Peace, Heirloom and Pope John Paul II. Think I'm getting better with them folks.

Not kidding

OMG!!! I just found out that my blog is being watched by a company in South Africa... I can't afford any lawsuits right now or ever so I might not be posting about the Peppadews anymore. If I know you and you want to know something about the grow-out, Email me. If I don't know you, I won't be able to answer your questions. Sorry.
P.S... You heard the term "this garden's illegal"..Well......

Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm taking this as a good sign from the Universe. I found a total of 3 horseshoes in the garden. The weird part is that I have been working that ground for years and never found 1 let alone 3.
I just need one more for a full horse. I'm going to hang 1 of them in my house to remind me that maybe I'm very lucky. I heard that if you hang one you hang it with the open end up so the luck doesn't run out. I'm not really superstitious but don't want to take any chances so that's the way I'll do it.

Got a new pair of garden mud boots compliments of my ex. He left them so I took them over. Haha. Kind of big but they'll work. They look so girlie with my shorts.

I got most of the mulching done. Thank God!! All the babies are growing like crazy. My brother is coming over to help me make 40 more CRW cages this week. Seems like every year I have to make more. Like I always say....part of the sickness.

Congratulations to my baby girl (on the left). She graduates H.S. today. I'm so proud of her for so many things it's hard to list them all. She is the kind of daughter we all hope and wish for. She's going off to college this fall and that will be hard for both of us I'm sure. My son's going to be living near the campus too so for the first time in 24 years I won't have a kid at home. :( Weird. I love you Lydi girl!!