Saturday, February 7, 2009

Post Script on my growlist.

I would like to say to all of my followers the following about the tomato under blacks called LN.

I hear there are some out there that are saying it's a racist name and that maybe I should have improvised and used another name for it. I did not name the tomato. It is listed with the SSE under that name. That is the historically correct name for it.
Most of you know me and know I'm a stickler for the correct names and histories of all heirlooms.
The fact is, I am growing it because it is a very seldom if at all grown variety. It has nothing to do with racism. I gave it some thought before I put it on my growlist. I know in this day and age there is great sensitivity about that word. So..... for the record.

I did not name the tomato. It was listed with the SSE under this name.
I am not a racist.

I am willing to grow this variety out, save seed and re-list it with SSE under a new name.
If you have suggestions as to an appropriate new name, please feel free to email me with it.
I agree that it's time to change the name of this tomato.
Apparently the original Russian name for this was Negrityonok.. Translated that means Black Child. It was mistranslated I believe by the seedsman that sent it to the U.S. I received my seed from an '07 SSE listing. I have been told that starting in '08, SSE has started listing it under the name Little Black.
So.... Hopefully this clears it up and we can all go forward and grow our tomatoes.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Growlist Up-date

Okay........I think I finally have my growlist complete. I have to force myself to quit messing with it. LOL.

Here it is....(drumroll)

2009 Growlist

Aker’s West Virginia
Frank’s Large Red
Big Red
Ramapo F1
Brandywine Len’s Garden
Serdtse Buivola (Buffalo Heart)

Marlowe Charleston RL
Marlowe Charleston PL
Fritz Ackermann RL
Earl’s Faux
Liz Bert
Papa Vic’s Big Cheef
Heatherington Pink
Heart of Compassion

Yellow Cookie
Claude Brown’s Yellow Giant
Golden Queen USDA
Peg’s Round Orange
Orange Minsk
Dad’s Sunset

Spudakee Purple
JD”s Special C-Tex
Gary O’Sena
Chocolate Stripes
Brad’s Black Heart
Negrityonok aka Little Black
Cherokee Chocolate
Tim’s Black Ruffles
Mr. Brown

Green Giant
Green Velvet
Max’s Large Green
Malachite Box

Grandma Viney’s Yellow and Pink
Pamplemousse du Grand Père.
Holyland Yellow
Spudayellow Strawberry
Lucky Cross
Big Orange Stripe
Striped German
Orange Fleshed Purple Smudge
Virginia Sweets

Jack White
Blanche de Fred

Champagne Cherry
Nicholayev Yellow Cherry
Marizol Gold Cherry
Green Grape
Black Cherry
Sungold F1
Isis Candy
Black Zebra Cherry

Lincoln Adams
Jack’s Paste (Canada)
OSU Blue Fruit
St. Fiacre Cherry
Regina Yellow F1 X