Friday, October 10, 2008

Duane Rocks

I have to brag about my friend Duane Perry. He is a greenhouse owner that lives south of me and is kind enough to allow me to keep my tomato seedlings there in the spring. friend just won the state record for the largest tomato ever grown in the state of Ohio. 4.48 lbs.
I talked to him and told him that would be a tough record to break and so typical of him, he said he intends to break his own record next year. LOL.
So, congrats to my friend that now has the bragging rights to growing the largest tomato on record ever in the great state of Ohio.
By the way.........the tomato was a Church. Listed on my "waste of garden space" sidebar. lol... It is a spitter but for size, I've never seen 'em bigger.
In the photo is his little girl Taylor...