Monday, January 17, 2011

A Long Winters Sleep

Ok, I'm going to say it for the first time of many. I miss my garden :-( So now I'm doing the next best thing, doing my garden planning... Yea!!!! Thanks Sebastien for the cool winter photo of my St. Fiacre.

Alot of you have asked about my "All-Star list" and I'm gonna make it super easy. There was only 1 that made my list. I've been calling it North Carolina Pink but apparently the correct name is "Norcarolina Pink". I believe it was picked up at a farmer's market in North Carolina by Craig LeHoullier . Probably one of the best tomatoes I've eaten in three years. Very un-assuming to look at, but ohhhhh the taste. See Photo.
As far as the "Waste of Space List".... Can't say I had any this year that bad but a few close.
Going to be adding corn, potatoes, turnips and eggplants to the garden this year. As with every year... it just keeps getting bigger.
I'm excited to be growing many varieties of Basque peppers this year also. So hard to come by the seed here in the U.S. Hoping to be able to offer it for next season.
So, my next goal in life.... to open an organic B&B with Sebastien in Niagra on the Lake.... everyone put out positive energy vibes in that direction.
Peace and Love