Sunday, August 17, 2014

Hello Again!

I apologize to the followers of this blog for neglecting it so badly. I have been swamped with the seed store and the garden but I'm here to bring you up to speed. Finally!!
This was the second year in a row the dreaded blight has hit. So depressing to nurse the seedlings from babies and see them months later get hit. I made a rookie mistake this year. Something I knew better than to do. I transplanted my seedlings into regular garden dirt instead of seed starting mix and lost about 1/3 of them. Then, I had a critter start digging up the plants when I planted out and then the blight. So between the 3 calamities, it was a poor season.
The sunflowers, peppers, beans and cucumbers went un-scathed. Thank you baby Jesus.
The good news is not everything was bad. I had some tomatoes that I loved and want to share with you.
Probably the star of the garden this year was Fleur de Reagir. Not only was it the most beautiful tomato I have ever grown, it avoided disease. I'm posting a photo because words cannot describe the beauty.
Fleur de Reagir
 I used to think that Marmande Garnier Rouge was the most beautiful but this one was exquisite. It's going to be hard to out do this one. I've never seen a tomato sliced that looked like this. It's listed as a black tomato but the color was more of a brick red.  The center where there is normally a core, it had a gel sac with seeds. Unusual. It's of course a French tomato as is Marmande Garnier Rouge. You have to hand it to the French for their gorgeous tomatoes. I'll be listing the seeds in a few weeks. I am waiting on more information about the history so stay tuned.
Fleur de Reagir

I will do an All star and Waste of Garden space in about 3 weeks where I will give a complete review of everything.
Took a little trip to Savannah in the midst of all this with my baby cousin. Soooo beautiful there. Wish I could buy one of those historic homes on one of the squares. Bonaventure cemetery. OMG beautiful. If you've never been it's worth the trip.
I give my word I'll post again in a couple of weeks. haha. Honest! In the meantime, I'll leave you with one of my sunflower photos to remind everyone to keep your faces towards the Sun.