Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 Growlist

Here is my 2010 growlist for the moment. There might be some minor changes but these are solid. I will up-date with any new varieties. In the meantime, I have started 10 Chocolate Ghost Chili's *fist pumps*. I can't wait to see these guys. I'm guessing this is a cross between the Ghost Chili and a chocolate pepper. Maybe a mutation??

Looking for something called a Bergamot Orange. A cross between an orange and a lime. I'm going to get in touch with my produce guy at one of the stores and see if they can find some. One of my French peeps made me go on a mad search for these. Thanks for driving me crazy Sebastian!

Trying to decide if I should get this Border Collie. It's soooooo tough. I want him so bad but I know what a job it will be. Yeah... that's him shoving the other puppies out of the food bowl. *sigh*
Happy seed starting everyone!

Black Cherry
Sun Gold
Green Doctors Frosted
Marizol Gold Cherry

Green Giant

Marmande Garnier Rouge
Aker's West Virginia
Granny Cantrell's German Red PL
Old Bess
Old Virginia

Goose Creek
Olive Hill
Hege's German Pink
Cowlick's Pink BW
North Carolina Pink
Mrs. Benson

Spudakee Purple
Spudatula Black
Liz Bert
Cherokee Purple Improved
1884 Purple
Chocolate Stripes
JD's Special C-Tex

Orlov Yellow
Swedish Golden Beef
Oleyar's German
Arancia (Thanks Randy for all the seeds)

Pamplemousse du Grand Pere
Le Mer Mix