Monday, March 3, 2014

Happenings for 2014

Wow! I can't believe I have gone so long without writing a new post. I have a lot to say so get comfortable.
First I would like to thank all the people that are supporting my seed site with orders. God bless you and good gardening 2014!!
I am leaving for France on March 6th and returning on the 20th. I always bring home new seed varieties so it's a win/win. Also get to bring  back my Donkey milk soap. Sounds crazy but it makes your skin sooooooo soft. You can buy it in the U.S. on Amazon. Try it you'll be hooked. I always like to share the good stuff.

In a few weeks I want to do a post about Tommy Toe tomatoes and Landrace veggies. Something new that has become interesting to me.

I have the best growlist I have ever had but as you know I don't like to publish it until the middle of May but heres a preview: I am growing and releasing seed for a cross from my garden several years back. One cross produced two sister tomatoes; a pink beefsteak and a yellow beefsteak. They are both gorgeous and super tasty. Power producers of crackfree fruit. La Vie en Rose and Moonshiners Ball. Here's a couple of photos: Once released they will become rockstars in the tomato world!
La Vie en Rose

Moonshiner's Ball
Other things coming to my garden this year: A very old Irish Pole bean, A runner bean not available in the U.S. More rare Spanish peppers and un-available Spanish heirloom tomatoes. A very rare radish and edible flowers for salads. 
Check back in the middle of May when I publish the growlist and get a good look at everything. 

I also have a request; Have any of you come across the seed for the golden Peppadew? I think they call it the Goldadew. If you have any seed please message me (purty please) :-)
I don't know if I had posted this yet but we have a new style Tomato Whisperer baseball style tee in the store and Tomato Addict tote bags. Both available in the SSC Store:
Another new thing, I am carrying all of Alan Bishops seed varieties you are a fan. I am!
I would also like to thank the growers that volunteered to do some growing for me this year. THANK YOU!! You know who you are. I couldn't have grown all of the varieties myself this year. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger every year.  
I've sown my pepper seeds and when I return from France I will be starting the tomatoes. I wish a good garden to you all and the best season ever!