Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Most excited to grow list

Finally......... Time for my
Every year I am very excited about certain new tomatoes I am growing. I've lowered the number of varieties I grow so the list is not huge this year.

So here it is *fist pumps again*.

Green Doctor's Frosted-
This is a mutation from Green Doctor's proper. A green when ripe cherry. Normally the epidermis is yellow, this is a mutation to clear. The clear epidermis makes the little tomatoes look like they are frosted.

Le Mer Mix--(The Have You Got It Yet Mix )
Includes a segregating genepool and also some OP lines from Alan Bishop including:
Mer De Noms -red
La Mer (noir) - black
La Luna - Black with green stripes
Le Soliel - Orange plus various yellows and other shapes including cherries, but for the most part salladette type tomatoes.
Alan's tomatoes are always impressive. His Absinthe and Jack White are out-standing so growing this mix out is going to be sooooooooo exciting for me.

Marmande Garnier Rouge
This is a selection of Marmande that was sent to me by my friend Gerard..
Red fruit from 1-1.5 lbs. slightly corded. A variety of Marmande which was found at the market in Savigny sur Orge in Essonne in the year 1960 by Mrs Garnier who gave it her name. Cultivated year after year by Mrs Garnier and Patrick Saint Aubin, collector at Montlhéry.

Spudatula Black
A cross of Black from Tula with an unknown potato leaf variety, from Bill Malin of Hillsboro, NM. Last year I grew Bill's Spudakee Purple, a PL version of Cherokee Purple (also on the list this year) and it was sooooo good even in a horrible growing year. I've heard raves about Spudatula Black so I can't wait!

I have no photos for any of these yet but will try to post as I find them or grow them.