Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ipods and poo pots

Okay... Take the poll at the bottom of the page about iPods. I'm just curious how many growers listen to one while in the garden. If you do, what are your favorite songs? You can post that under this post in comments. I'm adding a new list on the sidebar that I will update every week with my iPod list. Right now (this will change) my favorite tunes are: Cocoon and Wasting Time both by Jack Johnson, Hate my Life by Theory of a Deadman, Whatever you Like by T.I. and Solitary Thinkin' by Lee Ann womack. Kind of a good mix of stuff. If you want , you can check them out on Limewire. "snicker "
I potted up about 100 of my transplants Sunday. Using the Poo pots as Ami (Ted, my TBFF) and I call them. I love doing that. The healthiest, biggest ones I had were; my St. Fiacre Cherry, Len's Brandywine, Big Cheef and Aker's West Virginia. I've picked up a couple more big accounts so I might have to actually hire a driver this year. Whooo hooo!

All I can say is my life is a bit stressful right now so thank God for the tomatoes and all of my grower friends. You make it better.