Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My favorite time of the year.

Mmmmmmmm... One of my favorite tomatoes, Green Giant. Grown it now for 4 years in a row. I couldn't have a summer without them.

The maters are starting to grow. Just highly anticipating the first ripe ones. Had a few Sungolds I snagged. All that did for me is make me more anxious for the rest of them.

So there's some critter eating all of my sunflowers. At first I thought it might be a rabbit but now I'm thinking it's something bigger. Maybe a groundhog??? Whatever it is, it's mowing down all my beautiful sunflowers. :'(

Here's a photo of my beautiful French "Peace" rose. Probably my favorite rose of all time.

So I really need to get out there and weed. Blah! I layed down so much straw this year thinking I wouldn't have to weed as much... Doesn't seem to make that big of a difference. The weeds just come up through the straw.

I've been busy making pickles, freezing zucchini and eating all the chocolate zucchini bread I make. LOL... It is so good I think I'm entering it in the fair this year.
Here's a photo of a new one I'm growing.. Mrs. Benson. Got the seed from Suze in Texas. She raved about them so I'm anxious!!

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