Monday, May 11, 2009

Choptag Spring '09

I got to hit Choptag Sat. for the plant swap. I'm used to Cincinnati being so much warmer than Cleveland, I wasn't prepared for how cold it was. No jacket. Was getting ready to put my flannel pj shirt on when Barbee gave me her jacket. LOL. Thanks sister! Of course Earl was there with his awesome smoked pork. Wouldn't be Choptag without it. Thanks Earl for the Tenderness pepper plant. I can't wait to try that one.
Some of the usual suspects showed up. Jerry and his wife, Gary and his friend Cathy, Susan and I finally got to meet Barbee. She is way cool.
Of course I spent most of my time hanging with my tomato hero Gary. I embarrass myself how much I gush over him but I can't help it. Of course he gave some of his special plants. I love to grow the stuff he gives me.
Earl gave us all a lesson on pot rolling. Hahaha... not that kind of pot. How to make seedling pots out of newspaper. I think I will try it next year.

I came away with more tomatoes than I ever need but that is usually the case. Had a lot of fun with everyone. Barbee, you are so much fun. I'm glad I got to finally meet you. Next time I'm in Cincinnat we will have to meet up.
Susan, enjoyed talking to you. You are so nice.
To the 2 non-posters on Tomatoville (you know who you are), better get crackin' and start typing on the forum. :) Hope to see you all this fall and have a great season!

More pics on Tomatoville if you want to see them.