Friday, November 12, 2010

Blog fatigue

So... I've decided that blogging should definately be a winter sport. There is just no time in the summer for it with the garden. So from now on... I only blog in the winter. Ahhhhh... I feel better now that I've said it outloud. :-D
I will be posting my all-stars list this week. My website is still being worked on. The delay... Me. I need to submit a lot of copy and have been way too busy.
Seems like next year I will be growing a lot of new things. Discovered the joys of Groundcherries. Who knew these things were so good and didn't tell me??? Also.. Turnips. I have never tasted one in my life until last month. Another well kept secret.

Oh and Chinese Lanterns. These things are sooo cool looking. Stole the seed from a garden in France with my partner in crime Sebastien. I guess they are self seeding and multiply so plant once and forget it. Just decorative but very catchy!!
Have the garden put to sleep for the winter. Now the planning for next season.. Woot!!