Monday, August 25, 2008

This Year's All-Stars

Every year I have tomatoes that are so good they go on my all-star list. Meaning they become a fixture in the garden every year. You'll see on the sidebar I have an "all-star" list and what I call the "waste of garden space" list. Here's this year's list makers:

Charleston: What a great tomato!! I got the seed for this from my friend Maria in Ky. It's such a dark pink that it almost looks like it should be in the purple category. Very productive and somewhat disease resistant. Sweet beyond belief.

Champagne Cherry: The seed for this one was hard to find but it was worth the work. In the white category but turns yellowish when very ripe. It is larger than a currant tomato but smaller than most cherries. Grows in clusters like grapes. I have never eaten a sweeter cherry. It got rave reviews from every person that ate it.!!

Jack White: This was my first year growing a white variety. I also grew Viva Lindsey's
White Ky.Heirloom. It was interesting having two whites side by side to try. The Jack White was early, very disease resistant and so productive it was almost funny. Stayed very white even when ripe. The VLWKH was later, not as productive and turned more yellow as it ripened. Not nearly as good and smaller too. Jack White is an Alan Bishop tomato.

KBX: What a beauty!! It's true, it's
better than the RL version. I won a tomato judging in Pittsburgh with a 2 lb. KBX. (pics soon).. Not a big fan of the yellows but this even hooked me.

Now for the losers:

Beauty King: In all fairness, I might have to try this one again. It looked more like a striped variety than a blushing tomato and I believe BK is su
pposed to be a blusher or true bi-color. This one looked like a Big Zebra but rounder. It had a distinct melon taste and not one of my tasters liked it. I have a suspicion that the seed I received might not have been true so I am giving this a thumbs down with reservations. Whatever I grew labeled Beauty King was a real spitter. If anyone has a comment on this one, feel free to correct me if I am wrong.

Giant Belgium: They were huge and they were beautiful but the taste was very sub-par. I kept trying them thinking they would get better but it never happened. Nice looker but very disappointing in the taste category. There are much better tasting big tomatoes. Very blight suseptable (more than any other variety in the garden).

As soon as possible I will try and post pics of these. I have to upload hundreds of pics I have taken while my pc was down.