Saturday, February 7, 2009

Post Script on my growlist.

I would like to say to all of my followers the following about the tomato under blacks called LN.

I hear there are some out there that are saying it's a racist name and that maybe I should have improvised and used another name for it. I did not name the tomato. It is listed with the SSE under that name. That is the historically correct name for it.
Most of you know me and know I'm a stickler for the correct names and histories of all heirlooms.
The fact is, I am growing it because it is a very seldom if at all grown variety. It has nothing to do with racism. I gave it some thought before I put it on my growlist. I know in this day and age there is great sensitivity about that word. So..... for the record.

I did not name the tomato. It was listed with the SSE under this name.
I am not a racist.

I am willing to grow this variety out, save seed and re-list it with SSE under a new name.
If you have suggestions as to an appropriate new name, please feel free to email me with it.
I agree that it's time to change the name of this tomato.
Apparently the original Russian name for this was Negrityonok.. Translated that means Black Child. It was mistranslated I believe by the seedsman that sent it to the U.S. I received my seed from an '07 SSE listing. I have been told that starting in '08, SSE has started listing it under the name Little Black.
So.... Hopefully this clears it up and we can all go forward and grow our tomatoes.


B said...

Its a terrible shame that you felt the need to capitulate to the hatefulness that many misdirected toward you. Having known you for a few years now, I for one, know you to be FAR from a racist. As can anyone that spends more than five minutes talking to you.

There are many racists in ALL colors (colours for our Canadian friends), one of which this "Toni" clearly is. It makes me wonder how this "Toni" person got to be SO HATEFUL, angry, prejudice, and why she seems to enjoy having that GIGANTIC CHIP on her shoulder. Toni should remember that when she points a racist finger, she has three fingers pointing back at herself. Maybe Toni could get a bit MORE sensitive...wait, no, thats not possible. Toni is about as OVERLY sensitive as is possible. Terry has said NOTHING about your skin color, but you ATTACK TERRY for hers. Toni, you use vile racist terms, and extremely hateful, inappropriate, disgusting names to call Terry. Does that make YOU FEEL BETTER to demean another fine human being? My advice to you, Toni, its better to let people think you are a foo, rather to open your mouth and remove ALL DOUBT about your clear lack of intelligence.

Terry, you had NO input on what the tomato was called, and, no offense, but its not up to you to change the name, just to please a bunch of racists, IMHO. Terry, you are a woman of HIGH character, and maintain good standards for yourself, and for those with and around you. If I asked you to hand me a spade, I would not expect for you to get me a shovel. Call it what it is. I am sure if it WAS your choice, you would call it something different.

My vote is to leave the name as is. If people dont like the name, or dont want it because of the name, then they do NOT HAVE to obtain it. THEY, (the racists and other hateful people), should STOP ATTACKING the messenger for something that is NOT within your control.


Tomatoaddict said...

Thanks Bluey...
I know that you and other growers that know me, know who I am.
I don't know what to say to Toni anymore. Just for the record. Her comments were rejected for the blog not because of the content or that I am censoring her. They were rejected because they were racist, used profanity and name calling and contained nothing of any real value. I believe she is suffering from some deep seated hatred and no one can rationalize with her. Thanks for your support!

michelle said...

This is my 2nd year growing a garden. Last year was very successful. This year I am trying different varieties from what is available from Home Depot and Lowe's :) I have purchased seed from Baker Creek Seed. I am very impressed with your list of tomatoes. Where do you find your seeds and how do you hear about these different types of tomatoes? What do you do with all your tomatoes? I canned 3 bushels and made another bushel of sause out of mine last year as well as supplied the the neighborhood with fresh tomatoes! This year I am planting 18 different varieties. What to do with them all? Michelle P.S. This is also my first time on a blog.:)

Tomatoaddict said...

Hi Michelle and thanks for reading the blog.
I love new gardeners. LOL. It's fun for me because I know how much they are going to get out of it.
I get most of my seeds from other growers, SSE, or from commercial vendors like Baker Creek and others. You might want to visit Tomatoville. The link is on my sidebar. No better site than that to learn and network.
I sell to chef's and gourmet stores. I also give tons away to friends and neighbors. Sometimes if I have the time, I will freeze some for the winter. Use them to make chili or sauce for pasta.
My email is on the sidebar. If you ever need anything, please email me. Good luck!