Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Green Giant

Green Giant

This is one un-believably good tomato.
It's a 'green when ripe'. It never turns red.

How do I know when it is ready you might ask? You only know by feel. You have to gently squeeze it until you feel some give then wait 1 day.
I first met this tomato at a plant swap. A fellow mater head
kept pushing this plant on me. I had no interest. I had already made up my mind that a green when ripe was not going to taste very good. Finally, to get this insane tomato person off of my back, I took the plant.

I went home and grumbling under my breath the whole time, gave him a home in the garden. I didn't pay much attention to him because I "just knew" it was going to be a bad one.
It was a hardy plant I noticed. Big potato leaves. Seemed very healthy.
Finally, the tomatoes were getting ready. I cut my first one off of the vine. Took it inside and cut it open. Just a light green color. Yuk!!!!!!!!!!!! But I don't like green tomatoes. I took one bite. I know my eyes had to get really big. It tasted great. I thought I had better take another bite to make sure. Yep! this was one of the best tomatoes I had ever tasted. If you had your eyes closed and were eating it, you would swear it was a red or orange mater.
Originally from a selection/stabilization made from another green when ripe variety by Reinhard Kraft, German tomato enthusiast. Large clear-skinned, lime green when ripe fruits on a potato leaf plant.


David said...

I agree that Green Giant is a great tomato.... and not just for a "green when ripe" variety. It's a good all around one. I grew it last year for the first time, and will again this year.

Barnabus MacTavish said...

Green Giant is awesome! I think I'm the pushy salesguy who forced that plant on you, too!