Saturday, March 29, 2008

Black Cherry

Black Cherry

I would say Black cherry is hands down one of the best tasting cherries you can grow.
Not only are they beautiful to look at, the taste is amazing.
Yep, this is one of my Blue Ribbon winners from the fair last year.
Black cherry was developed by Vince Sapp, husband of Linda Sapp, owner of Tomato Growers Supply Company.
Dark purple-red skins. I can't add much more here other than to say, if you haven't grown it, you should this year. It's one of my All-Stars.


Anonymous said...

Wait a second.. YOUR all stars are my all stars...
(she checks the bushes for you and your camera)!! You have good taste.

Tomatoaddict said...

LOL, we just know good tomatoes.

Happy Jack said...

Black Cherries make Jack happy! You definitely have good taste.