Tuesday, April 13, 2010

LOL... I would love to say these are my lambs but they are not. They belong to my friend Lucine in France (I want them). Born over the Easter holiday.

I could do an entire post only about these lambs. They have a huge following on her Fb wall and I think they need their own fan page. Ha!

Check out how cute his little feet are! If they stayed this little I would get a whole flock but I know they grow into big sheep.

I wish I could fly over to France just to kiss them.
Thursday, I am finishing the teepee for the Scarlet Runner Beans. I think this will be the showpiece of my garden this year.

The bad news I have to report is that I couldn't get my Choc. Ghost Chilis or my Marmande Garneir Rouge tomatoes to germinate. :( Next year....... a new opportunity for them.
The tiller is tuned up and I hope this weekend to get the garden turned over for the first time this year. (That is an all day project)... Stay tuned.


Sébastien said...

Je suis FAN des agneaux de Lucine :)

Tomatoaddict said...

Me too!