Saturday, March 13, 2010

Come on Spring

Chance is getting huge and the cats hate him. Ha! He ate one of my tomato seedlings today and if he didn't have such a cute face I would have been mad.
Got all of my peppers sown. Mainly doing Basque peppers this year but some Ghost Chilis too.

I've started collecting my coffee grounds from Starbucks.. Woot. I think I've doubled my worm population and we all know how good worm poop is for the plants. :-p
Still waiting for the garlic to pop up. Not yet.
Hope everyone has gotten their seeds started and are getting excited for the season.

Passing on a cool global website They have a page on how to make seed bombs. When I have more time I will try to put the instructions up.


LJ said...

They'll love him even more when he starts trying to "herd" them under the kitchen table!

Julen said...

Hi! i have read in this post that you have Basque peppers. I am basque, from the north of Spain, and i'm very curious about thoose peppers. Here we don't call them Basque peppers because we are basque, lol.
Well, can you put some photo of your basque peppers please?? it's very special for me to se our peppers in other countries in the world :)