Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ipods and poo pots

Okay... Take the poll at the bottom of the page about iPods. I'm just curious how many growers listen to one while in the garden. If you do, what are your favorite songs? You can post that under this post in comments. I'm adding a new list on the sidebar that I will update every week with my iPod list. Right now (this will change) my favorite tunes are: Cocoon and Wasting Time both by Jack Johnson, Hate my Life by Theory of a Deadman, Whatever you Like by T.I. and Solitary Thinkin' by Lee Ann womack. Kind of a good mix of stuff. If you want , you can check them out on Limewire. "snicker "
I potted up about 100 of my transplants Sunday. Using the Poo pots as Ami (Ted, my TBFF) and I call them. I love doing that. The healthiest, biggest ones I had were; my St. Fiacre Cherry, Len's Brandywine, Big Cheef and Aker's West Virginia. I've picked up a couple more big accounts so I might have to actually hire a driver this year. Whooo hooo!

All I can say is my life is a bit stressful right now so thank God for the tomatoes and all of my grower friends. You make it better.


Anonymous said...

Hey TA!
I bet you would like this song.
Krazy by Pitbull.
Chaz, NY

Tomatoaddict said...

Thanks Chaz, I will check it out.
Thanks for reading my blog!

Craig said...

Hey there, Tomato Addict! Craig (nctomatoman) here. I have about 1000 CDs on my 80GB iPod and when I transplant I put my Pod into a speaker docking station and on shuffle...so don't know what to expect (always jarring when the odd Christmas song comes on...jump to advance it ASAP!). Too many favorites to list - all sorts of jazz, rock, alternative, classical on there. Always happy when Radiohead or Cocteau Twins come on, though!

Tomatoaddict said...

Hey Craig!
I knew from reading some of your posts that you were a huge music fan. I guess I am too. I like just about every kind of music. I love Classical (Tales from the Vienna Woods.. OMG love it), Blues, Alternative,country and some hip hop etc. When I make spaghetti sauce that cooks all day, I put on Opera. LOL
If I ever make it to NC for Tomatopalooza, we'll have to compare iPod playlists.
Thanks for reading the blog.

Taco said...

You are a kewl chick T. I'm losing it that you like Hate my Life. Hilarious. Your hot too. Hope you don't mind I think you are hot. No offense

Tomatoaddict said...

LOL. Thanks Taco.

Thawley -- said...

I listen to my iPhone in the garden and garage all the time. Mostly podcasts though. Not Music. Regular listens are This American Life, The Moth, Fresh Air, The Treatment, Market Place and Maccast. Not enough hours in the day for all the NPR/APR shows I'd like to hear.

During times of low concentration when I need tune out of the interview or radio diary genres and switch to music, I use Pandora for iPhone. Great product. And it's free. Best "station" so far came from a search of "Jesus Left Chicago" a slow, steely blues ballad by ZZ-Top. Pandora's choices for similar tunes have included the stuff from Morphine, The Raconteurs, Stevie Ray Vaughan, George Thorogood, etc.

Tomatoaddict said...

Thanks Thawley, speaking of Podcasts... that something I have in the works. When I eventually get it together it will be available on iTunes and on my blog and the website when it's done. It should be cool. Doing a lot of interviews with some of the breeders and growers we all know.

Thawley -- said...

re: podcast

If you're just starting out, I highly recommend learning to use the Enhanced tools for segment breaks and descriptions. Maccast is a good example. Makes life SOOOoooooo much better for the listeners. Good luck.

Tomatoaddict said...

Hey Thanks again Thawley...
Yep... I'm trying to learn all the dynamics of the podcasts. I'll defintely look into Maccast.