Sunday, March 22, 2009


Ok...I have been sick for a few days. Today I woke up and felt better. It's going to be 53F outside. So, I go out and mosey around the garden. All of the garlic is popping up. The rose bushes are starting to green up. OMG.... I think winter is gone... Finally.
I noticed all of my mint is starting to turn green. You know what that means..... time for fresh brewed ice tea with mint....
Of course, this year I have to expand the garden. Hahaha... every gardener knows this is part of the sickness. You have to plant more every year. This year I am growing Leeks and trying to make an Asparagus bed.
I have 2 people I am seriously mentoring this year. I hope to do a few stories about it as we progress. I have to make them both buy iPods..LOL. Mandatory equipment for the garden.
Out of the 40 Peppadews I started it looks like 37 have germinated. I'll take it.
Hope everyone is getting into their garden mode. It's going to be a good season. I can tell.


Pappabell said...

Started my tomato and pepper plants yesterday.127 plants,HaHa!!!Burning the bark that has been falling off the dead cottonwood tree.Feels soo good to get out in the yard.Looking forward to that first ripe juicy red tomato!!!!

Tomatoaddict said...

I know what you mean Pappa.. I am so ready. I would love to see your tomato and pepper growlist. Have a great season friend!!