Friday, August 1, 2008

Jack White

Jack White 75 Days RL

This is one of my new whites I'm trying this year. It comes from Alan Bishop..

This is a beefsteak shape, thin skinned white usually 10 oz or more. It is a stabilized cross between Great White, White Beauty and White Tomesol. Very Productive. Said to have more flavor than most whites. Named after the lead singer of the rock band the White Stripes. Review will follow.


Frederick said...

Well you had me there right to the last line...Haven't tasted it yet? You've got to stop this getting us all excited and then the disappointment.

I have just tried Bull's Heart or Bolvisco Sertse it is terrific. A red Heart shape. Few seeds (189 from one fruit) and dense flesh, juicy.
For me, the one to judge others by.

Tomatoaddict said...

Freddy, Save me seeds for that one!

Frederick said...

Done that, of course!

Bishops Homegrown said...

Glad to see Jack White making the rounds friends! Pleas update with your perception of taste as you will as I love to see how folks respond to my breeding projects! Thanks for the plug and I'll add your site to my blog roll as well!
Your Friend,
Alan Reed Bishop
Hip-Gnosis Seed Development
Bishop's Homegrown Owner
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